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O2G Academy launched its mentoring programme in February 2022 and as part of the induction programme for the mentors and mentees, a guest speaker, Mr. Gordon McDade from Northern Ireland delivered a presentation to the participants of the programme.

Mr. McDade elaborated on the 6 effective marks of a mentor which include:

  1. A person who displays Authenticity

  2. A person who displays Intentionality

  3. A person who displays Vulnerability

  4. A person who displays Sensitivity

  5. A person who displays Curiosity

  6. A person who displays Accountability

Please enjoy the wonderful session with Mr. Gordon McDade

Speaker with a Poduim


This mentoring program focuses on personal development and leadership skills. Participants are mentored to develop skills which include but are not limited to:


  • Critical Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Communication

  • Vision Casting/ Goal setting

  • Strategic Planning

  • Resource Management

  • Spirituality


Upon completion of the programme, participants would have developed their capacity, abilities and potential to be productive individuals in their spheres of influence, personally and professionally.

O2G Academy is a tribute to Late Professor  C. O. Folayan of Mechanical Engineering, Department, ABU, Zaria, Nigeria. 

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