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In recognition of International Women's  Day 2022, #BreakTheBias -  the O2G Women's Refuge, launched its campaign, 'Love is Not Abuse' in West Africa, Nigeria.  

We imagine but also proactively work towards a gender-equal world that is free of domestic violence as we contribute to raising awareness against abuse, stereotypes and inequalities.
Featured Video Message
 Debbie Adogbo-Onyabe,
Director, O2G Women's Refuge

Our Purpose and Mission

Our Values

Create and establish a sustainable and holistic refuge which  supports women  and girls in their relationships and contributes to a reduction in domestic (emotional, physical, psychological)  abuse and violence.

Our Objectives

  1. Raise awareness of violence against women and girls.

  2. Support and  partner with organisations to provide information and promote good practice through education.

  3. Support victims by sign posting to appropriate agencies. 

Equality, Empowerment, Leadership, Transformation


Domestic violence takes many forms and these include mental, emotional, sexual, physical and economic abuse and violence. 

In 2012, the National Crime and Safety Survey indicated that 31% of the national sample of women confessed to being victims of domestic violence. 

Some of the modern challenges of abuse that still exists in Nigeria includes Child marriage with over 35% of girls being married before their 18th birthday.  

O2G Women's Refuge is led by women supporting and empowering other women.

Featured Video Message by Debbie Adogbo-Onyabe,
Director, O2G Women's Refuge


This project is a tribute to Late Reverend Mrs Victoria Ishaya Audu of Charity and Faith Missions [Bowels of Mercy]  &    Late Professor Ishaya Audu
[1st Patron of UCC].


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